Our mission and vision

At Cruelty-Free Babe, we are happy to witness the growing community of cruelty-free, vegan, and eco-friendly beauty enthusiasts. Despite the millions of members in these communities, finding and shopping for ethical beauty products remains a challenge for those who care about animals.

For those beginning their journey towards a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle, the task is even more challenging. Navigating through the vast amounts of misinformation and deciding where to start can be overwhelming.

We believe that ethical beauty lovers deserve their own safe shopping haven—a place free from the noise of brands that falsely advertise as animal-friendly.


Our goal is to stop conscious beauty lovers from feeling like a minority, and to make their shopping experience as easy and quick.

No more standing in a busy store, researching the cruelty-free status of a brand.

No more being misled by staff aiming only to make a sale.

No more inaccurate website filters.


The Cruelty-Free Babe’s catalogue is curated based on lists of brands compiled by some of the most trusted sources in the cruelty-free beauty community.

We recognise that, even though our community shares the same values and love for the planet and animals, we are all beautifully diverse and in different stages in our personal journeys. For this reason, while all products on our website will be cruelty-free (not tested on animals), you will be able to narrow your search down to FOUR categories:

  • Brands with cruelty-free parent companies
  • Vegan products from non-100% vegan brands
  • 100% vegan brands
  • Low-waste brands


Thank you for shopping with us and for caring about animals!