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At Cruelty-Free Babe we believe that respect for animals and respect for the planet go hand in hand, and so we have directed our efforts, since the very creation of this company, to ensure our operations are running on eco-friendly practices.

Our products

Our store offers a range of eco-friendly makeup products - products that use as little plastic as possible and/or are refillable. You can also find refills for some of these products in our store. We are witnessing the beauty market rapidly changing in the direction of sustainability, and so as we grow you will be able to find more eco-friendly brands and products on Cruelty-Free Babe.

Shipping packages

Another way for us to help our planet is through managing our shipment waste. Millions of cardboard boxes, plastic mailers and products wrapped in plastic are being shipped around the world on a daily basis, and treated as single-use. 
At Cruelty-Free Babe, most of the orders we ship are packed in fully-recyclable paper mailers. While these are layered from the inside with plastic bubble-wrap for protection purposes, you are encouraged to reuse or recycle the bubble wrap after detaching it from the mailer. You will also find that the products are wrapped in an additional piece of bubble wrap - this one is being kept from our wholesale orders and reused in our shipments. If the products you ordered are fragile, or weigh over 2kg, your products will be shipped in a reused cardboard box.