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Inglot Freedom System Flexi Eco Palette

Inglot Freedom System Flexi Eco Palette

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The Freedom System Flexi ECO Palette is made of naturally colored bamboo. The extremely handy palettes reflect a simple yet stylish design. The tree rings create a unique pattern on each palette. Keep your favorite Freedom System items in the functional and ultra-light Flexi ECO Palette. Tip! Stack the pallets easily with the small magnets on the sides to save space.

Play with different colors and enjoy your personalized Flexi Palette every day.

Think Green. Think #FlexiECOPalette.


  • Freedom System Palette
  • Naturally colored bamboo
  • Suitable for combining different products
  • Magnetic bottom
  • Interchangeable colors
  • To put together yourself
  • Reusable 
  • Eco-friendly

Dimension & weight

Dimensions: 14.5 x 7.5 cm 

Weight: 0.11 kg 

Suitable for:

This palette is suitable for 8 square products from the INGLOT Freedom System collection, 4 blushes or bronzers or mix it with two round items. Thanks to the magnetic bottom of the Freedom System Palette, the products remain perfectly fixed in the palette. You can easily change the colors. 

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